Our Mission

We are a fully certified and registered breeder of German Rottweilers and our team of professional staff provides the best possible care and nutrition to ensure our breeding is of the highest standard.

We have over 35 years of experience

SR has a history of breeding the best quality RWs with humble beginnings in 1985. We started with a male Rottweiler called ‘Bullet’ Bred by the late Mr Crotty based in Birmingham who had his lineage of dogs bred down from Game Guards Rottweilers. Very quickly our Grandfather (who had numerous working dogs in his past) realised our match to this breed was going to be for a long long time. Breeding RWs soon became a family passion and we have successfully been breeding this beautiful animal for over 30 years.

As a hobby breeder, we breed 3 to 4 litters during a 12 month period, which allows us to focus on the quality of the puppies and ensure we can provide them all year round. Please call us for your specific requirements.

We consistently strive to produce a true Rottweiler as intended by the original batch of Rottweiler enthusiasts many years ago. We at Sovereign Rottweilers feel that the breed has split in two types. One side being the show dogs displaying supreme beauty but with a weak mind and less durable body and the other is pure working dogs that lack the appealing confirmation that the exhibiting dogs have and the focus is may be too much on drive and working traits. Both ends of the spectrum are extreme thus losing the balance that the breed should have that completes a real Rottweiler.

More About us

The Sovereign Rottweiler breeding and training facility is situated in the outskirts of Birmingham in the West Midlands, only a short distance from the Main M42 Motorway.

Love of this splendid breed has lead us to create all of the facilities required to practice what has become our passion, with maximum attention to some basic priorities, such as the wellbeing of our dogs, superb hygiene and respect for environmental provisions.
Our facility is designed according to aesthetic principles in harmony with the surrounding landscape, of which ‘the cottage’ is a part. The breeding and training of our Rottweilers is a constantly growing and evolving aspect of our business, allowing us to introduce highly technical and conventional solutions that provide consistent improvements designed to keep us at the forefront in the world of Rottweiler breeding, raising and training.
Our goal has always been to create facilities that would let us manage our dogs in the best possible way. We are very proud of our dogs who remain in splendid form and health. This is supported with our dedication to providing a good healthy diet and a structured training programme.
We have the finest choice of Rottweilers suitable for your environment, they are taken care of by our professionally qualified team who manage their nutrition, exercise and highly tuned training.