Complete Rottweiler Management and Bespoke Training Services

Here at Sovereign Rottweilers we have over 30yrs of experience with all different types of Rottweilers from different breeders in different countries and are aware of the different families of rottweilers within these types.

With this in mind we also as a team travel to visit the old German breeders and trainers as well as the modern evolving trainers that train sport dogs or service dogs doing there job in the police military or border patrol to combine and enhance our knowledge on training techniques specific to the Rottweiler. This is aimed at us being specialists in the training of this breed as i am aware not many kennels go to this level of investment in time, money or energy to be the best in there game. The passion is our fuel and our broad professional experiences from other walks of life are our guide with fear of not being THE BEST ROTTWEILER BREEDER/TRAINER IN THE WORLD comes our drive.

We consistently strive to produce a true Rottweiler as intended by the original batch of Rottweiler enthusiasts many years ago. We at Sovereign Rottweilers feel that the breed has split in two types. One side being the show dogs displaying supreme beauty but with a weak mind and less durable body and the other is pure working dogs that lack the appealing confirmation that the exhibiting dogs have and the focus is may be too much on drive and working traits. Both ends of the spectrum are extreme thus losing the balance that the breed should have that completes a real Rottweiler.

Below are the specific elements we touch to suit the needs of our Rottweilers and our rottweiler owners-clients.


First Step

In-printing the right attitudes and simple behaviours on very young puppies through motivation and food. Conditioning muscle memory on positions like sit down stay etc so the more complicated training to come can have a strong foundation already laid down.

Foundation Obedience

Doing the above but in different environments and distractions and minimizing the reward and the socialising of your dog to ensure he is a stable dog and a legally fit animal. Foundation Protection Training – Teaching the puppy how to bite with full grips and barking on command all done with rewards and lots of confidence boosting motivation within the training as purely a fun game as the learning is maximum this way because we are avoiding stress.

Intermediate Obedience

This is the same as the foundation course but the reward has been removed and we have added much more precision to the whole routine and we use negative markers to ensure we achieve the results and the dog knows failure is not a option.

Intermediate Protection

Here we develop the necessary drives for the dog to do protection in a more intense manner and working on combining the drives sometimes to build confidence in the dog that is leading to natural courage.

Advanced Complete Personal Protection Training

This course works on combining the obedience and protection and testing your dog in a real type of scenario and adjusting any of his training or even backtracking some elements to get the completion of a balanced guardian who is also safe and legal.

Reasons why we believe our training is the best

I have researched and could not find any rottweiler breeder who has extensive breeding knowledge and a skill set in so many fields like mine to make it plain and simple and is like a artist when it comes to engineering a genetic compatibility programme to enhance the breeding of rottweilers – this is the key ingredient in entering the mind of rottweiler as this knowledge gives countless case studies not just for breeding rottweilers but for training and the recognition of problems in rottweilers and the answers.
Is there any other breeder taking 5-10 staff member’s abroad to sit with people like Julien From world class Falconsnest Rottweilers or paying thousands of pounds/EURO’S for regular tailor made intense workshops for our team?…..
Our skill set is only for ROTTWEILERS we don’t dilute it by learning about all dog breeds its a trade off each time.

There are a million other reasons but save time and just call Sovereign Rottweilers!