Kober’sWelpenmilch Offers an adequate substitute for mother’s milk and ensures a balanced growth and steady weight gain for puppies due to its high vitamin content.

  • Kober’sWelpenmilch( Puppy milk ) is a special milk for rearing puppies.
  • Also splendidly suited as a supplement to mother’s milk for maturing puppies.
  • Also recommended as an addition to dry food Kober’swelpennahrung

Available in cans of 500g and in 2,5welpenmilch,  5kg buckets.


20.00% Crude Protien

7% Raw Ash

30.00% Raw fat

0.00% Raw Fibre

0.68% Phosphorus

Additives/kg feed mixture:

Vitamin A 45,0000 IU, Vitamin D3 4,010 IU, Vitamin E 150mg, Copper 2mg.


Milk products, vegetable oils and fats, minerals, products from the processing of grains.


We recommended a mix ratio of 1 (puppy milk ) : 3 ( warm water, approximately 50 degrees Celsius)

FREE from colourings – FREE from flavourings