An especially light and fat reduced premium product, containing 50% of selected fresh beef.

supermix-gjThis tasty mixture of flakes is refined by quality, fully hydrolyzed cereals of rice, oat, wheat and maize as well as all the essential vitamins, mineral nutrients, vegetables and yeast. Kober’s Supermix GJ is ideally suited for all dos breeds, from young through to older dogs.

With every bag of this complete food, we process 50% fresh, lean beef (from the head, muscle, heart and liver).This is the highest-grade extraction of crude protein and ensures high digestibility.

Available in 1 kg collapsible boxes and 5-, 10-, 18kg plastic sacks.


24.00%   Crude Protien      1.84% Calcium

5.40%     Raw ash                  0.97% Phosphorus

8.80%     Raw fat                   0.28% Sodium

7.13%     Water                     0.65% Potassium

4.40%     Crude fibre           0.17% Magnesium


 Kober’s guaranty:

Since theestablishment of our company in 1970, we have made a point of producing QUALITY not QUANTITY!!! We only process premium ingredients,The fresh beef is delivered several times weekly by regional slaughterhouse.

 Additives/kg feed mixture:

12,000 IU Vitamin A, 1,500 IU Vitamin D3, 15 mg Vitamin E, 72 mg Iron, 55 mg Zinc, 30 Manganese, 5 mg Copper, 0.90 mg Iodine, 0.15 mg Selenium.


Beef muscle meat, meat from beef and calf head, beef heart, beef liver, fully hydrolyzed cereals of wheat, oat, maize and rice, yeast,carrots,minerals, vitamins.

Guarantee of durability for vitamins:

10 months

Calorific value: 400 kcal/100g

No processing of fish-,poultry, eggs ,or soy products or Vitamin K3

Feeding recommendation : Please feed the following quantities twice daily.

Dog’s weight, kg
18-26 27-35 36-45 46-55
Cup(s) of Supermix GJ
1 1/2
2 1/2
3 1/2
4 1/2
Cup(s) lukewarm water
1 1/2 2 2 1/2 3
3 1/2

Stir and fee immediately after 2-3 minutes!

The quantities mentioned here are estimates and based on practical knowledge and long years of experience. After 7-10 days, the quantity should be observed and can then be changed at your own discretion. Due to the change in feeding, the droppings might be thinner in the beginning but should go back to normal after some days.

However, you can switch over to this product immediately ( please do not add the food you’ve fed to date)

FREE from Preservatives 

FREE from Colourings

FREE from flavourings

Own Production within our factory in Bochum